In collaboration with BotXO, has developed the ‘Saxobot’ Alfred to help customers with their gift purchases.

The online bookstore bets on artificial intelligence to help clients with their Christmas shopping. Danish BotXO supplies the technology behind. is currently testing a new virtual assistant, Alfred, which is to help customers find their Christmas gifts.

Read the original article in Danish here: tester virtuel assistent i julehandlen

“The ambition for the new chatbot is to improve customer service. But it’s not about replacing customer service representatives with robots.” says Jeppe Vestergaard Trier, Customer Satisfaction Manager at Saxo.

He continues:

“When it comes to customer service, we see a pattern in which 60-70 percent of support issues from first-time customers are largely the same. Furthermore, we experience that many of the questions customers ask our customer support are related to the purchase of a new book – which makes it natural to integrate first line support and help with product purchases in the same service.” tester virtuel assistent i julehandlen tester virtuel assistent i julehandlen

Saxo’s vision is that customers will be able to get help for almost everything via the new virtual assistant.

“We can easily imagine a scenario where customers don’t even have to buy through our website, but can do it via the virtual assistant through e.g. Messenger. Thus, customers will be able to concentrate all their interaction with Saxo there”, says Jeppe Vestergaard Trier.

Collaboration with BotXO

In order to realise the ambition for the new virtual assistant, teamed up with BotXO who specialises in the development of intelligent robots, machine learning and AI.

Henrik Fabrin, CEO and co-founder of BotXO, talks about the process behind a customer collaboration as the one with Saxo:

“With our customers, we are building the foundation for artificial intelligence. Like so many other things, machine learning, which precedes artificial intelligence (AI), begins with learning and input. Only over time does the machine become intelligent.” tester virtuel assistent tester virtuel assistent

Henrik Fabrin explains how Alfred, the ‘Saxobot’, automatically becomes more knowledgeable about customer desires via the customer dialogues which take place:

“If a customer asks questions about some books or book titles at which our chatbot has not learned to answer yet, the conversation is connected to a customer service representative. Here, we use our software to listen in on the conversation, and thus learn what the conversation is about. This data is compiled, in this case by Alfred, and one step at a time it learns more about books, titles, authors, etc. ”

Tailored Danish solution

Regarding the choice of BotXO as a partner, Jeppe Vestergaard Trier from Saxo says:

“There are many technology vendors which advertise automation and AI, but to us it was important to find one in the Danish market, with which we could share a development collaboration” 

“We do not believe that a standard platform can just be implemented, but rather that it requires hard, focused work done together to achieve a level which creates real value for customers. And we’re only just getting started.”

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