The Chatbot always helps the customer

Visma e-conomic A/S continues the positive development towards artificial intelligence.

Danish e-conomic, who sells the e-conomic accounting software, now has artificial intelligence in the toolbox. The Albot chatbot operates around the clock, and also answers difficult questions on weekends.

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Machine learning is a tool which companies stand to reap great benefits from … if it works. On top of machine learning it is then possible to build artificial intelligence, if you are skilled enough.

The people behind the e-conomic accounting software worked with machine learning for a long time, but with Danish chatbot software platform BotXO, they now created the Albot chatbot.

“Our ambition for e-conomic is to automate and streamline the administrative processes for SMEs”, says Peter Luthman, Customer Service Manager at e-conomic.

“These can be very complex processes which e-conomic simplify, and of course we therefore see our users in need of help from time to time.



We receive many types of questions from our customers, and therefore developed our own support lexicon, called e-copedia, with over 1,500 support articles, and we also organise free courses.

But despite these efforts, we can see that some of our customers also have questions which require a more personal support – even after our staff have gone home at 6 pm and on weekends.

Of course, we want to be able to meet this demand to ensure that our users feel they get the help they need – around the clock. Therefore, we decided to invest in a chatbot solution which can help our customers outside of normal business hours.”

Chatbots must provide better experiences

Many companies introduce chat robots to save resources in customer support, based on the assumption that a chat robot can perform the same work as a customer support representative.

But that is not the approach at e-conomic:

“Our aim is not to save money on support, but to create a better customer experience”, Peter Luthman continues.

“Our existing support works in the way that, outside business hours, a customer can always send us an email with questions, which we will then answer the next morning.

Of course, this means that we should set aside time to answer the questions, which we are happy to do. But it does not help our clients, as they are left with unanswered questions in the evening, and must wait until the next day to complete their accounting.”

So, at e-conomic, they see Albot the chatbot as an extension of their self-service options, not as a cost-cutting measure.

“We took the lead in the industry when we first introduced our e-copedia, YouTube videos and online courses as support channels. Today, this is a standard in most places, and it is thus quite natural that we take the next step to continue to innovate our self-service channels.

“So yes, it’s a win/win for all parties. We create a better customer experience for the customer here and now, and we are also allowed to spend more of our time on more value-adding work for us and for our customers. With good customer experiences comes good business”, Peter Luthman says.

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