Schultz are developing a Citizen Service Chatbot – BotXO delivers the technology and knowhow

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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the IT company Schultz. Together we will develop an intelligent Citizen Service Chatbot for the Danish municipalities.

Chatbots are here to stay and Schultz strive to offer the best chatbot solution on the market. A chatbot that will be of use for municipalities and citizens. Therefore, it’s important to us to find the right partners to collaborate with.

Eskil Thygesen, Direktør Viden & Indhold, Schultz

Eskil Thygesen, Director, Viden & Indhold, Schultz

“One of Schultz’ biggest investments right now, is the development of a Danish language chatbot to municipalities and workers unions. That’s why we have researched the market thoroughly to find the right partner to collaborate with. BotXO is without doubt the player in the field that has the greatest knowledge and competence within chatbot technology – including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, we are very happy that we have joined forces”, says Eskil Thygesen, Director at Viden & Indhold at Schultz.

BotXO bring a lot of experience into the partnership and among many successes, they have for instance had success developing chatbots for, Krifa and DOCMA by Bonnier Publications.

When working with their clients, BotXO experience, that 60-70 % of all 1st level support questions to the companies are the same. With that knowledge, BotXO has thought a great deal about the 1st level support questions that the citizen service encounter.

Deep insight into the market

Here at Schultz, we have many years of experience and market insight, and it’s this knowledge that we will bring to the table when developing chatbots. We wish to be innovative together with our clients and also make use of their knowledge.

Henrik Fabrin, CEO, BotXO

Henrik Fabrin, CEO, BotXO

“We are thrilled about the collaboration with Schultz, because it allows us to ensure good chatbot solutions to the public. We deliver technology and expert knowledge in Danish language NLU and the use of Artificial Intelligence. Schultz, who cooperate closely with municipalities and members organizations, provide deep insight and therefore help us develop chatbot content that are tailor-made to the customer’s need – both in this moment and in the longer run”, says Henrik Fabrin, CEO at BotXO.

The collaboration between Schultz and BotXO is also the basis for another new cooperation. Together with the new Law and Digitalization (CREDI) centre at the University of Aarhus – led by professor Hanne Marie Motzfeldt, the University of Aalborg, the University of Copenhagen, Syddansk University and others, we have initiated an interdisciplinary project group.

Law and ethics are important to us

Together with the lawyers, philosophers and computer scientist from the universities, we have submitted a grandsolutions application to Innovationsfonden. Not only do we want to develop a powerful and intelligent Danish NLU as open source, the aim is also to develop manageable models of how to apply the legal and ethical challenges in practice in the project work.

The reason for this is that we want the digital solutions of the future to be both legally and ethically healthy – and we want the Danish technology to be a first mover on this front. We believe, that the NLU combined with the legal and ethical models can be a jump starter to the Danish tech business and create a future competitive advantage – also at a European level.

The development of the chatbot

The development of the chatbot takes place together with the municipalities. Therefore, we have launched a pilot project, where we, in cooperation with a number of innovative municipalities, develop and test a citizen service chatbot before we put it into operation.

“Typically, 25% of all inquiries at a citizen service are questions that can be found answered on their website. The citizen wants to be self-reliant and not have to spend unnecessary time finding the answer, which is why if often ends with a phone call to the local municipality instead. A chatbot makes it easier for the citizen to find the needed information because the chatbot quickly will find the answer due to its use of artificial intelligence. Rather than having to qlick through a large website with lots of information, our chatbot is based on a technology that makes it possible for the citizen to ask questions in a natural language”, says Henrik Fabrin, CEO, BotXO.

Participation in the project is relevant to all municipalities regardless of size – we create the framework for an innovative project group that function across the municipalities with a common goal to create the best citizen service chatbot.

A number of municipalities are already onboard – Tønder is one of them

Thomas Dam, Chef for Borgerservice i Tønder

Thomas Dam, Manager of Citizen Service, Tønder

“We are very happy to be onboard the pilot project to develop a chatbot to the Citizen Service. The project fits very well with our strategy right now, where we want to create accessibility and quality to the citizen. The chatbot will be in dialogue with our citizens and answer the questions that they have right here and now, no matter what time of the day it is. In fact, we believe that the chatbot will help citizens in cases such as questions regarding seats in an institution, passports or other inquiries we get on a routine basis in the Citizen Service” says Thomas Dam, Manager, Citizen Service, Tønder.

A good mix of skills

There’s a huge potential within the municipalities to provide citizens with better service through automation and accessibility through a chatbot. Schultz and BotXO have established a solid cooperation where we complement each other in many ways.

“The strength in our cooperation is definitely that each of us focus on what we are best at. Here at Schultz, our goal is to contribute to a valuable use of the technological opportunities that creates value for our customers. In our collaboration, BotXO focuses on developing and operating the technology”, says Eskil Thygesen, Director at Viden & Indhold at Schultz.

If you would like to hear more about the pilot project, you are very welcome to contact Schultz.

If you are interested in hearing more about how to get started, please contact us at – or give us a ring if you need more customer cases +45 26 71 58 45 .

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