FDIH prepares to launch a new network group on AI and chatbots. With you and other e-merchants, we will create a learning lab where we join together to focus on the potentials of AI and, more specifically, how chatbots can optimise customer service and upselling.

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The idea for the new network group was conceived at a meeting in FDIH’s network on online customer service, where a number of e-merchants realised how immense opportunities chatbots already offer today and, in particular, will offer in the future.

Over Christmas and New Year, the idea has been worked on, and, along with Martin Stahl from BotXO, FDIH is now ready to launch a new network group which will be established when between 10 and 20 e-merchants have shown an interest.

Exciting themes for debate

Currently, five themes have been planned and will be discussed at network meetings in the group over the course of 2018:

  • How do you get started?
  • What are the prospects of chatbots?
  • How can chatbots be used for sales, customer retention, etc. in your business?
  • Focus on the customer journey: How much does the business know about their customers’ journey?
  • Focus on employees: How will tomorrow’s customer service representative work?

Netværksdagen 2018 - FDIH - POST NORD

Netværksdagen 2018 – FDIH – POST NORD

Netværksdagen 2018 - FDIH - POST NORD

Netværksdagen 2018 – FDIH – POST NORD

The group is primarily for e-merchants interested in delving deeper into the theme. You can read more about the group and apply for a membership here.

You are also welcome to contact FDIH’s network manager, Anders T. Tang, on +45 7225 5614 or, if you have questions about the group.

Sign up for the chatbot network here: KOM GODT I GANG MED CHATBOTS

We start the debate on the Network Day on 30 January

It is not a prerequisite for participation in the network group, but you have the option to launch the debate on AI and chatbots on Network Day, January 30 at PostNord, Amager, where 100 FDIH members share their knowledge, inspire each other and strengthen their network. Here, Martin Stahl from BotXO will host a network meeting on AI and chatbots.

If you are interested in hearing more about how to get started, please contact us at – or give us a ring if you need more customer cases +45 26 71 58 45 .

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