Project Description

Akademikernes A-Kasse

Anders Balch Berthelsen,
Chief Consultant, Akademikernes A-Kasse

“The BotXO software gave us an effective way to steer the development of our Startup Program. We were able to let our members know that we care, in an informal and personalised way, without it being a mammoth admin task.

The people @ BotXO helped us understand how to get and provide value from using automated chat. I am very happy to recommend BotXO to anyone.”

Akademikernes A-Kasse (AKA) is Denmark’s largest unemployment insurance fund for academics. AKA is the unemployment insurance fund for 230.000 academics and 22 organisations and are experts in anything job related for engineers, lawyers, economists, doctors, architects and many other professions.

The Challenge

AKA has been experiencing an increasing interest in entrepreneurship within their members base and therefore wanted to give aspiring entrepreneurs the facilities, knowledge, and tools that enable them to successfully develop and launch their own businesses.

As a result, AKA designed a unique startup program for its members. A 3-month full-service free course to develop their business ideas and put them on a path for reaching their entrepreneurial dream.

The Startup Program is viewed by the entire AKA organisation as an important service to deliver to its members and so there was a keen focus on getting the Startup Program launched successfully and quickly learn from user feedback.

As AKA cares about how it spends its members ressources, operating the program and collecting feedback had to be done in a cost-effective way. This imposed challenges on Anders and the AKA Startup team as to how to effectively collect feedback and to predict the usage of the free office facilities and services provided by AKA to the participants of the program.

The main objectives for working with BotXO were:

  • Enable easy feedback in order to solve problems here and now. 

  • Provide information about and access to workshops and seminars.

  • Learn from data in order to adapt to the participants’ needs.

The Approach

The AKA Startup Bot was created on our platform to let members of the AKA Startup program easily give feedback through a conversation about what was working and what wasn’t.

When users provide positive feedback or indicate that they are happy, the bot picks up on the user’s emotional cues and responds in a positive and appreciative tone mirroring AKA’s startup team’s voice.

If a user is unhappy or gives negative feedback, the bot will empathise and ask in an understanding tone whether the user wants to talk to a supervisor. If so, the supervisor is immediately notified via our trigger feature and can take action to improve the situation for that individual user.

The bot also tracks how many users are actively using the coworking space and make use of the facilities to enhance logistics, catering and cut down on waste.

A few months in, the conversation flow was winded out to include weekly questions to collect feedback about the workshops and seminars the members participated in that week. The data is collected via the bot, analyzed in our platform and used to provide predictions to AKA for planning the courses and events for the weeks ahead.

Messenger was chosen as the primary communication channel because it enables the members to give feedback, on the go, and in an app they are already using every day. Instead of the users having to log in to the AKA platform, the AKA Startup bot is easily accessible in the Messenger app and will only ask for the user’s attention and input whenever needed.

As key is to be able to provide feedback as easy as possible and on a recurring basis, the conversation between the AKA bot and user is in the form of free text and Quick Reply – buttons shown in the conversation as predefined answers to questions from AKA. This provides users with the options of giving feedback quickly or elaborately when needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combine Quick Reply buttons and freeform text to make it easy to converse.

  • Facebook Messenger to engage users in a channel they are using every day.

  • Include a persistent menu so users can easily navigate the conversation.

  • Live data analysis to evaluate the users’ emotional state and predict behaviour.

  • Personalise the conversation so users feel the bot & AKA appreciate their feedback.

  • Scripted bot with learning capabilities: Learn from the data without disrupting the user experience.

Conversational Tips

 Free Text

Use a mix of Quick Replies and free text so users can give the feedback they want

Show Empathy

Let users know you value their input. Make it easy to get personal help.


Follow up on the progress and let your users engage in their own time.

The Results

Good user retention rate. Reduced cost on facility and admin. Great user satisfaction.

User retention rate
Saved per year per employee
End user satisfaction

The Benefits

Employee Benefits

AKA Startup employee’s have an automated chat solution that helps them get continuous quality feedback from members, so they can react faster to problems and make changes to the program in order to better serve the participants’ needs.

The AKA bot enables them to focus their time spent on the Startup Program and enabled them to adjust costs by predicting the usage of the facilities from week to week.

The freed up time for the AKA supervisors are used on developing the program and to provide more time to talking to the members in the need for human attention. This leads to improved user satisfaction and to a more meaningful workday for Anders and the rest of the AKA Startup team. ?

End User Benefits

Without having to leave their preferred messaging app, AKA Startup bot provides the users with an easy way to give feedback.

During the daily grind of being an entrepreneur, AKA Startup bot also gives users a low-friction way to connect instantly with the AKA Startup team and comfort in knowing that the team is there to help resolve any challenges.

On a personal note, we love it when people embrace new technology with a pinch of humor. ?  ?

Written by Henrik Fabrin.

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