Convenient, Frictionless Commerce

Imagine you could provide this shopping experience:

automated, around the clock and in the channel your users prefer.

Facebook Messenger 
Your Website

No more lost sales due to impersonal shopping experience

No more unassisted customers during the purchase journey

Have your specialized chatbot provide relevant & convenient purchase experiences 24/7 on your website and in Messenger.

When a BotXO chatbot combines sales & customer service

data shows a


lift in conversion rate

and a

lift in qualified leads

What would that mean to your business?

Assist your customers across the purchase journey

  • Convenience: Provide shopping opportunity in the user’s preferred channel
  • Relevance: Enable users to message for quick product options relevant to them 

  • Recapture: Automate 1:1 conversations with card abandoners to recapture sales 

  • Post Purchase:  Automate customer feedback on purchase satisfaction

  • Customer Loyalty: Message users with tailored product recommendations

  • Simplify Access to Brand: Be where your customers are, anytime, anywhere

How easily can I get started?

Our software and professional service is designed to you get started and see positive results within 4 weeks. 

See how a specialized chatbot from BotXO will work for your business.

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FYI: Your chatbot can start out supporting commerce and expand to handling customer care, community management, etc.