Instant, Frictionless Customer Service

Imagine you could automate this customer experience:

Around the clock, whenever your customers prefer.

No more “Customer Service is only available until 5pm”

No more diverting customers because your team is busy

Have your AI chatbot provide instant and excellent customer service 24/7 on your website, in your app or any messaging channel.

Fully customizable, it will out-of-the-box understand your customers in multiple languages and can be connected easy with any CRM system.

Your AI chatbot takes care of the first line support 

This will save your business minimum


hours a year, per Customer Service employee.

  That is minimum:

days a year an employee can use on other tasks.

Would that matter to your business?

Being your team’s new tool, the AI chatbot benefits include

  • Take the pressure off: Customer Service teams during peak hours

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Immediate and round-the-clock support 

  • Time gained: Your team can spend time on tasks that require extra care 

  • Improve Customer Loyalty: Build a strong relationship through personalization

  • Engage customers: Make interacting easy and natural

  • Make worklife better: Reduce employee churn & increase team happiness

How easy can I get started?

The BotXO AI Customer Service Solution is designed so you can launch your chatbot within days and prove a business case within weeks.

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Darren Hua, Technical Support Engineer, Tobii AB

“Our chatbot, Betty, handles far more tickets than all human agents combined. More than 40% of all tickets are now solved without any humans involved.”