Finally, frictionless shopping is here.

Now you can automate personalized product recommendations and answer the questions customers have while they are buying.

24/7 on your website, in your app, on any device and in any messaging channel.

No more unassisted customers during the purchase journey

Use the BotXO Ecommerce AI Chatbot Solution to drive sales and enhance customer experiences.

Fully customizable, it will out-of-the-box understand your customers in multiple languages and can be connected easy with any product database.

When brands use BotXO to combine sales & customer service

they see a


lift in conversion rate and more than

of support questions solved immediately.

What would that mean to your business?

Assist your customers across the purchase journey

  • Convenience: Provide personalized shopping assistance 24/7

  • Relevance: Help customers purchase the right products 

  • Remove uncertainty: Answer the questions customers have while shopping 

  • Out-of-the-box: Ecommerce AI that knows all common customer questions

  • Customize-on-top: Tailor the chatbot to your specific brand and customers.

  • Multilingual: Multiple language support is added in just a few clicks.

How easy can I get started?

Our tailored AI Ecommerce Solution is designed so you can launch your AI chatbot within days and prove a business case within weeks.

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Nadin Kempel Sigh, Service Operation Specialist, Tiger of Sweden.

The BotXO platform makes it easy for me to start using Conversational AI with our chatbot.
I would recommend anyone to sign up to BotXO.