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Use Natural Language Understanding to automate your chat

NLU is an AI technique dedicated to understanding what humans say or write with their natural language. This is then translated into an action to automatically provide the right answer or, via dialogue between the user and your chatbot, guide them through a process.

We have spent +10.000 hours (so you don’t have to) on building a powerful NLU engine that automatically understands your customers.


Get started with NLU

You can get started immediately by using the prebuilt domains tailored to your industry.


Prebuilt industry domains

The prebuilt domains are filled with intents and sentences and work out-of-the-box without you having to do anything.

If you have questions and answers that are specific to your business, you simply add these on top:  

1. Analyze 

Check your data logs to find patterns in your customer’s request.

2. Add domains

Domains are the overall themes of the intents. For example “Returns” or “Cancellation”.

3. Define Intents

Intents express what your users want to do or find out about. For example “Return Policy”, “Request a refund”.

4. Create

Write or bulk upload similar questions for the same answer. For example “When will my order arrive?”, “What’s the delivery time?”

5. Train your NLU

Test and tweak the performance in the easy-to-use NLU Training Dashboard.

6. Connect

Connect the NLU to your chatbot or any system where you store information useful for your customers.

With the NLU Training Dashboard 

we have made it so easy to work with NLU that you don’t have to be a Data Scientist.

BotXO NLP training dashboard

Add NLU to your chatbot

and you have an AI powered chatbot customized to your business. 

Do like many others – benefit from the BotXO proprietary NLU engine

  • Customized models and prebuilt domains for industries, including Ecommerce, Insurance, Banking
  • Uses the newest advances in Transfer Learning

  • Tailored to individual languages

  • Customizable to company specific questions and answers

  • Designed for the everyday language, used in chat text or voice

  • Includes an advanced spelling correction engine
  • Classifies intents with confidence scores
  • Continuously trained on domain and language specific datasets


Want to use the powerful features of the NLU engine via API?

Get in touch to get your unique API Key and get started. 


Get started with NLU

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