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From pilot to full chatbot throttle – we got your back 

From launch you will have a chatbot specialized in your business. 

Experts can help you get started successfully and scale across your organisation.

Once ready, you can handle everything yourself on our software.

Mid to large companies

Start easy and scale when ready.

Software Subscription

500/ Month
  • All features included
  • Optional onboarding
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We know enterprises have extra needs.

Enterprise Solution

  • All features +
  • Dedicated support
  • Customized onboarding
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Professional Services

All prices from. Services are optional.

Setup Service

2,000 / One-time

Setup Service is for those who want help setting up the first version of their chatbot. The chatbot is designed by a BotXO certified specialist and will automatically include all features, channels and available integrations.

Managed Service

1,000 / Month

Once your chatbot is live, a BotXO certified specialist can manage the bot operations, i.e. continuously update and optimize the content and chat flow.

Want to explore how BotXO can help your business?

See how other businesses are using BotXO to automate +50 % of customer requests and increase conversion rates.

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