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With the integrated Zendesk chatbot solution from BotXO you can automate your chat support and immediately leave the most common questions for the chatbot to answer.

Most 1st level support questions are the same.

Our customers know by experience that +60% of support questions can be handled by a BotXO chatbot.

You add your chatbot in a few easy steps:

in Zendesk Chat

Step 1

using the Zendesk API Client

Step 1

in the BotXO Platform

Step 1

You can monitor your chatbot as any other agent in the Zendesk reports.

Key Features

  • Have an AI chatbot as first-line support
  • The AI understands your customers’ questions in more than 12 languages

  • Your chatbot only gives human-approved answers to ensure compliance and consistency

  • Use free text & buttons for faster conversations

  • Route customers to the relevant department 
  • Live handover between chatbot and agents

  • If agents are not available, collect the customers’ info to get back to them later
  • Integrates with your CRM, Product & ERP tools for live customer, order or product look-ups.

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At BotXO we invest in human power

We believe that to successfully use chatbots, it requires a mix of:

Artificial Intelligence


Human business understanding

Human business

Great API integration

Great API

Customer Journey insights

Journey insights

Data driven decisions for further optimization

Data driven decisions
for further optimization

That is why we invest in having the best human brainpower at BotXO.

Our team of Customer Relationship Experts, Chatbot Specialist and Data Scientists work every day to build the tools for smarter AI bots, with the focus on empowering customers and partners to improve and enhance customer experiences.

We provide an easy-to-use and intelligent chatbot platform, from our offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Madrid, Spain and trough our passionate partner community.

Our customer success team helps create valuable chatbot experiences and through our Bot Academy and Help Center, we share best practices on how to succeed with bots.

We are motivated by helping companies reduce waiting time, releases resources and keep their employees and customers happy.

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“Working with chatbots and AI in Customer Service, it is important for me to use a tool that is designed for people like me – and not developers. BotXO’s platform is just that; intutitive, easy and makes it a lot of fun!”

Nadin Kempel Sigh, Service Operation Specialist, Tiger of Sweden